fashion tips


1.       Be true to who you are - your beauty isn't determined by your size.

2.       Find a tailor or a sewing machine you like and trust and make them/it your best friend.  Altering is the key to taking an average piece of clothing and making it amazing.

3.       If you think a piece of clothing needs ironed, it does.  Don't go out that door without either ironing it or changing!

4.       Try a new colour that you haven't worm before... but be careful about orange. 

5.       Do not just wear a piece of clothing because it is trendy.  Wear it because it suits you and your personality.

6.       Determine what kind of shape your body is and find the best kind of clothing that suits that shape.  We all need different shapes and sizes because we are all different shapes and sizes!

7.       Have fun with mixing different colours and patterns that you wouldn't normally pair together - you'd be surprised with what you come up with.

8.       Accessorize ladies, this can make or break an outfit. 

9.       Don't even thing about matching your shoes to your purse to your belt or matching your eyeshadow to your shirt.  The answer is NO!  Too much matchy-matchy is a bad thing.

10.   You cannot go wrong with black at any time of year, just make sure the fabric matches the season. 

11.   You can and will wear white after Labour Day - who made up this nonsense anyway?!  Just like number 10, make sure the fabric matches the colder season.  

12.   Tidy hair gives you flair.  Ok, so my rhyming is cheesy but it's true, hair can change the feel of an outfit so be conscious of how you style it with what you're wearing.

13.   Wearing clothing with rips (unless intentional), tears, missing buttons is not allowed.  Get it fixed by that tailor or that sewing machine before it goes out of the house again.

14.   You live in Canada, land of scarves for 6 months.  Make use of this needed accessory and rock some awesome scarves.  They come in light all the way to frigid winter heavy.  Especially in the winter, a great scarf can transform a normally boring jacket. 

15.   Love yourself.