The dreaded bathing suit. Fear no more ladies, I have already done the painful part of ordering and returning and finding out the hard way which sites have the goods. Below are my winners.
What to say - I currently own 12 suits from this site and I love them all. It's difficult to find specialty bathing suits to fit all your needs. They have one pieces, two pieces and active swimwear. Read the reviews about the suits as they do not all fit the same. I find as long as I read up on them I am not ever disappointed with how the suit fits when I get it. They also sell great lingerie and clothing. Sizes up to 40KK! Once you visit this site, you are going to bookmark it just like I did!
This site is a bit cheesy but if you are looking for a suit, this is a great place to stop and check out. They get in some really hip suits while still remaining classy for the plus size girl. The "Shop by Body Type" sections are pretty cool and pre-sorts the suits for you based on your selection. Sizes 16 - 26. Worldwide shipping, price based on individual shipment.
Large selection, most of, um, mature designs. But don't fear! They do get in a couple of pretty elegant and sexy suits too. This site is worth checkout of for sure if you are looking for a bathing suit to look fabulous next to the water. Their one pieces are better than the two pieces. Shipping prices range up to a maximum of $39.99. Sizes 8 - 34.